• tran•si•tion [ tran zísh’n ] Process of change: a process or period in which something undergoes a change and passes from one state, stage, form, or activity to another.

I believe that achieving perfect health and wellness is a journey, a transition; one that is different for every individual, their lifestyle, and where they are at any given point in time.

The truth is, we are all constantly transitioning our bodies, our minds, and our way of thinking when it comes to our overall wellness.

Maybe you’re just beginning to learn about different ways of eating, types of spiritual beliefs, ideas for physically changing your body-or maybe you are seeking the right motivation to make changes in your life.

Perhaps you’re looking for ideas and resources to help transition your family to better eating and healthier choices.

Or maybe you’re on a constant mission to transition to whole new levels of wellness from what you have already achieved. Wherever you are on your journey, you are not alone.

My intention for this site is that it be a place of resources and community for us, no matter what stage we are at in our transition. As I continue building these resources for my own personal transition and yours, I hope you join me along the way and share your thoughts and ideas as we journey together towards new levels of wellness.


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