Corporate Wellness Programs

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

By providing education to employees specifically on how to improve eating habits, reduce stress, and enhance healthy lifestyle activities like exercise, your organization will experience the following benefits:

* Decreased healthcare costs
* Reduce absenteeism
* Increased productivity within a positive, energetic environment
* Increased employee satisfaction
* Improved retention of high achieving employees

Education about healthy food and lifestyle choices, stress reduction and goal setting provides the following benefits to your employees:

* Improved Overall Health
* Improved Nutrition & Healthier Eating Habits
* Increased Physical Activity
* Reduced Stress & Anxiety
* Increased Energy & Vitality
* Increased Job Satisfaction


Programs Designed For Your Corporation

Every business is different and unique, just like the employees in it. I offer a range of services and work with you to design a package to best meet your business needs with the goal of maximizing the benefits to both the corporation and employees.

Examples of Services

Weekly or Bi-weekly lunch training: Employees are introduced to a range of information from healthy eating, stress reducing techniques and easy daily exercise options. This is a simplified version of what my one-on-one coaching clients receive. Training varies from one month to six, depending on business needs.

Added employee benefit: By learning and training in a group setting, a built in support system  and accountability partners are created, making it even easier to achieve higher employee engagement and personal results.

Corporate Manager Workshop: Employees look to those above them for guidance, training, and to be a role model and example. This all or half day workshop is designed to focus on those that can have the greatest impact in overall performance.

Consider this: In recent Gallup studies, employees reported the following. If the person they supported or worked for ignored them, the rate of disengagement goes up by 45% and they soon got sick.

If they were criticized, the rate was 20% (Employees would rather be criticized than ignored)

If the person they supported or worked for recognized a strength, the rate went to less than 1% and the employees immune system improved.

Benefits of having engaged management= Priceless to employee health

Corporate Employee Workshop: The driving force in your business. Absenteeism, low performance, high turnover and  rising health care costs are just a few of the issues that poor health creates. This workshop is designed to give employees the tools to take control of their own health and wellness so they can have higher productivity, stronger work engagement and less absenteeism.

Personal coaching for employees: One-on-One coaching will be made available to employees at a discounted cost when the employer has implemented a program through me.

Benefits: Allows employees to take even greater responsibility for their own health and wellness goals through  personal coaching and assessment.

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